What is nano?

Nanotechnology is based on miniscule nanoparticles (one billionth of a meter). Nano coatings do not form a layer around the object, but literally penetrate a surface and become one with the structure.

Liquids can no longer penetrate the surface and dirt, grease and mold cannot adhere.

Advantages of Brllnt nano coatings

  • Reduces cleaning costs: dirt and grease slip off the surface
  • Promotes safety: dangerous fungi and bacteria cannot stick to the surface
  • Slows degradation: durable protection for fragile and porous objects.
  • Increases resistance: the surface is more impact and scratch-resistant and better protected against usage damage and vandalism.

Why is it eco?

Brllnt coatings are ecologically friendly because we use no solvents. All our products are water-based and biobased where possible. When applying the coatings there are no or very low VOC emissions.

Furthermore, during the complete production process of the coatings we make sure that the CO2 emissions are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Environmental benefits

  • A sustainable surface protection solution with the highest possible quality but with very low or zero VOC
  • Reduction of energy consumption: paint dries faster with less energy needed (for example less forced heating temperature needed!)
  • Reducing CO2 emission and solvent emissions
  • Longer lifespan for objects treated with Brllnt coatings
  • Dirt-repellent, so less cleaning agents in the environment
  • Contribution to the Green FootPrint

Health benefits

  • Safer working environment for the employees
  • Coworkers don’t inhale VOC and solvents
  • Less outage due to medical issues
  • Happier coworkers
  • Better image on the labour market

Qualitative benefits

  • Less layers needed: one layer (1K) with Brllnt has the same quality as two layers from other paints
  • Pure and brighter colors than with normal paints
  • Higher gloss grade
  • Higher quality surface
  • No micro cracks
  • Shorter drying time
  • Tried and tested systems with proven results

Economic benefits

  • Less spraying loss
  • Saving production costs
  • Saving energy costs
  • Saving material costs
  • Saving labor costs
  • Faster lead-times resulting in higher production
  • Saving maintenance and cleaning costs
  • No penalties for exceeding VOC limits
  • Ability to carry out works without having to stop other accompanying works at the place where the paint is applied
  • Making a significant contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

“Brllnt coatings are ecologically friendly because we use no solvents. All our products are water-based and biobased where possible.”

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