The lifespan of wood used for windows, doors, facades and wooden garden houses depends highly on their coating. The timber industry needs guaranteed protection of coatings that are easy to process.

Brllnt offers a new generation of paints with the newest generation pigments and all the benefits of our eco-nano technology. The highest gloss retention, the UV protection with high durability and the toughest scratch resistance. You can quickly upgrade the protection of wood substrates with less labor and materials when compared to traditional systems.

Can be applied with:

  • brush
  • paint roller
  • airless/airmix spray gun

Available systems:

  • 1/2 layer system (garden houses/facades)
  • 3 layers system (windows, doors, winter garden houses)

Brllnt Woodstain

Available in: 5L/20L/IBC (1000 liter)

Product description

Brllnt Woodstain WB is a 1-component wood protecting, preserving, water-based impregnating glaze. Wood preservative with preventive protection against wood destroying organisms, outside for wood.


Wood impregnating agent with preventive protection against wood-damaging organisms, outdoors, for wood.

Caution: intended for wood not in contact with soil and construction wood.

Brllnt Coat Hybride

Available in: 5L/20L/IBC (1000 liter) 

Product description

Brllnt Coat Hybride is a semi-matt quick drying primer for brush and spray application based on waterborne alkyd emulsion and eco-acrylate, pigmented with high-quality pigments and fillers. Also suitable for dipping. Conforms to the assessment guideline Film forming Coatings for application on Wood BRL 0814.


Serves for all-round priming of window frames and wood structures, where a dry film thickness of 100 micrometres is advised for spraying, and for brush of 40 micrometres.

Wood Protection

Available in: 20L/60L/120L/etc./IBC (1000 liter)

Joinery products: primer/impregnation;
Midcoat; Topcoat (3 layer system for window frames & doors, facades, wooden garden houses, frame constructions, roof constructions: flowcoating systems impregnation/primer/midcoat, sprayable midcoat/topcoat.

Please specify your request, in order for us to propose the best possible solution for your production-line.

“Brllnt helps the timber industry (joinery) to improve processes and products”

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