A floor usually has a lot to endure. It is therefore important to ensure that the floor can withstand a long period of impact. And floors in very intensively used rooms need regular maintenance. This requires a coating that makes maintenance as easy as possible. 

The Brllnt floor coatings offer the highest achievable protection. The coatings are extremely easy to apply and have an attractive flow. Maintenance is easy to realize. The coatings are easy to clean and can be repainted an infinite number of times. And those are not the only advantages of our eco-nano technology. The water-based coatings also have an extremely low VOC emission.

Can be applied with:

  • brush
  • paint roller
  • air sprayer
  • airless/airmix spray gun

Available systems:

  • 1K system: semi-glossy, low odour, scratch-resistant, for indoors and outdoors
  • 2K system: semi-matt, sealing, high water resistance, anti-corrosion, good chemical resistance, also excellent adhesion to steel and aluminium

Brllnt AQPOX 2-K Floorcoating

Available in: 5+1L/20+5L

Product description

Brllnt® AQPOX 2-K Floorcoating is a 2 component water-based semi-matte coating based on Epoxy, for mineral surfaces and excellent adhesion to steel (metal) and aluminum.


As a water-based finishing system for concrete and sandcementbound surfaces (also on Stelcon slabs/plates/tiles)

“Brllnt offers you rock solid floor protection with the lowest ecological footprint”

Brllnt® is a brand of Brllnt Green Group BV

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We have production locations in many parts of the world. For now we have established renowned production partners in the Netherlands, Poland, Australia and China. We are looking for partners in Scandinavia, USA and are open for all types of corporations.

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