Printed side curtains, tarpaulins, banners and billboards contribute to brand identity and brand message. To remain a quality appearance the material needs to be protected.

Brllnt Durable Shield Protection delivers the highest possible durability in PVC protection. But that’s not all. The super brilliance protective lacquer strengthens the visual power of the print.

This all is achieved in a way that is fully eco friendly with 0% VOC. Isn’t that beautiful?


  • UV resistance for 3-5+ years
  • Excellent fading resistance
  • Optimal dirt shield
  • Strengthens the grit
  • Better protection against chemical and mechanical damage
“Brllnt protects printed PVC material to make the world more beautiful”

Brllnt® is a brand of Brllnt Green Group BV

Brllnt (head office)

+31 850 606 439

Lange Marktstraat 1
8911 AD Leeuwarden
The Netherlands


Brllnt Eastern Europe

+31 850 606 439

al. Jana Pawła II 27
00-867 Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland


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We have production locations in many parts of the world. For now we have established renowned production partners in the Netherlands, Poland, Australia and China. We are looking for partners in Scandinavia, USA and are open for all types of corporations.

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