Nano coatings are used in a growing number of industries. Brllnt offers coatings with all the benefits of nanotechnology but adds the ecological component. That makes our coatings revolutionary different from competitors.

We offer ready to use solutions for:

Metal Protection & Cleaning

  • Ship building and renovation
  • Container production and maintenance
  • Steel structures production and maintenance
  • Machine production and maintenance
  • Gearbox production and maintenance
  • Industrial cleaning

Wood Protection

  • Window frames & doors, joinery
  • Facades
  • Wooden garden houses
  • Frame constructions, roof constructions

Surface Protection, Durable Shield

  • Side curtains

  • Tarpaulins

  • Banners

  • Billboards

Industrial Flooring Protection

  • Factories

  • Warehouses

  • Distribution centers

  • Stores

future innovations to be expected in 2022:

Brllnt Eco Cleaner/Degreaser waterbased
Brllnt Thermostuck
Brllnt aspartic
Brllnt Eco Epoxy resin
Brllnt heat resistant/thermo paint

Brllnt is an initiative of NederSolutions BV


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The Netherlands


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We have production locations in many parts of the world. For now we have established renowned production partners in the Netherlands, Poland, Australia and China. We are looking for partners in Scandinavia, USA and are open for all types of corporations.

Manufacturing, Distribution and Corporation partners

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